Rhythm of Time

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Time.   It’s a half made up thing.   Calendars, watches, alarm clocks, deadlines.   They are a human thing.  The world has its own rhythm.   The sun rises and sets.   Its light shares with us the seasons, the time of day.   The rest we’ve made up.

  1. Time can be binding.  It seems like we never have enough.  But it’s a fallacy.  We bestow on ourselves an age, a birthday.  Our lives are marked by the passage of time.  Just being HERE, being in the now allows us to hold time at bay.  We are present people but how often do we live in the past or the future?  We mark our very existence by time.   Our gravestones remind others of our years.  

But being awake, being vibrant, making that sunrise to sunset OURS is the true passage of time–not the clock on the wall, not the afternoon appointment, but the breath of life, the ownership of the here and now.   My time. Own your time.   Find yourself in the present, not the past or the future.   Savor your special moments as often as you notice your presence.  Time.   Comment below to tell us how you find yourself in the present moment.   Are there any techniques you can share with us?   Add a comment below the sunset…..

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