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Twin means to link or to combine.  To twin something.   This is how we view the world– sequences, combining– creating our own view of the world based on the twinning of individual experiences.  By piecing together our senses, what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch, we create an idea or more precisely we create a thought.  Our memory links different senses– various emotions create our recollections.  

Memories are vapors.  

They are pieced together retrospection based on our present experiences.  We remember the past in different ways.  And strangely enough, they are all variations of the truth.  If we have a collective experience, each person will have a slightly different view of that event.  That’s because our twinning is based upon our own specific reality.

We have belief systems that have been built over the spans of our lives.  Our early experiences as children are deeply influential on how we view the world.  What we learned or what we saw in the first years of our lives shapes our realities for the rest of our days.  So what you see, what you piece together as your daily experiences, are all part of a fabric of former experiences.  It’s a matrix of emotions and senses.  

Take some time to begin to decipher your thoughts and reactions.  When did you learn that behavior?  Where did that thought come from?  The origin of our thoughts help us understand our actions and reactions.  Consider reaching inside yourself to achieve more balance, more peace in your inner world.  It brings peace and balance to your outer world.  How will you put together your world today?

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