What card are you going to play?

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What card are you going to play?  Your cards are your list of attributes.   First thing.   Write down three things you love about yourself.   Can you do it?   Are you that amazing?   Absolutely!!!  Do you believe it?   Doesn’t matter right now in this moment.   Do it anyway.  Start there.

How many days can you sustain it?  There are plenty of reasons we can find out there to destroy ourselves, for our inner speak to tell us we are not good enough.   It is easy to love others but difficult to love ourselves it seems. What excuse do you conjure up?

“I don’t have time to write.”

“I don’t have to write it- I can just think of some things.”

“It doesn’t matter.   None of those things are true.   I am just lying to myself.”

“It would be the same every day so I don’t have to write anything.”


We have been taught– given the beliefs– that we don’t matter personally.   It is all about giving to others– your partner, your spouse, your children, your friends, your work– dedication to others.   Well, what about you???   Me, myself and I.   Why must I come last?  We are happy to sacrifice and do for others, but can you spend time to praise yourself?

If not I ask you why??? We are each unique and special. It's time to recognize that.

What is your answer to that– the real one, the deep one– the one you might be avoiding?  Self love is something many of us avoid because we don’t think it’s possible.  It’s very easy to think ugly, negative thoughts about ourselves because we have been doing it for most of our lives.  It’s habituated and ingrained.  But turning on the light and gazing inwards– finding and admiring our own personal attributes is the most rewarding task you can ever take on.

My beautiful friends, repetition is the answer.   I had to repeat this process again and again and again.   I found gratitude each morning.   I celebrated myself by speaking loving words to myself in the mirror.   I rekindled, over time, the love affair I began with myself when I was a child, but became corrupted by negative thoughts that squashed my spirit.   

What card are you going to play today?   The one that keeps the status quo, or the one that can set you free– one sentence at a time– one word at a time.  Repetition is master.   Put down the card of self love.   Get out a notebook.   Write it down.  Find your beauty in self discovery.  Praise yourself today, and tomorrow and the next and the next.   They won’t be the same every day.   You will see things about yourself you had forgotten.   You’ve been too busy putting yourself down.   The light that comes on inside of you will grow brighter.   Soon others will start to notice.   That 10,000 watt smile will turn some heads.   Start today.   What three things can you write that will celebrate YOU????   You ‘re worth it.   I promise.

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