Why Should I Change?

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We’ve all been like this.   Just hang with the status quo.  It’s not so bad– until it becomes too much.  Change is scary; change is unsafe.  Change is hard to manage.  But change moves us.  The realization that change needs to happen is where freedom is born.  Being stuck in that rut imprisons us.  

Yes we might feel a little safer, but deep down, is that a good feeling?  For me the good feeling comes from accomplishing the new, knowing that I made a difference.  The status quo just brings more of the same.  Being safe in your mind doesn’t mean you are doing the best for yourself.

But yet, change is hard.   It’s hard to set into motion and it’s a daily challenge.  But that’s the secret, that it’s a daily challenge.  One move begets another.   Often we take on too much, knowing it won’t work, to prove to ourselves that we can’t change.  


Or we use our current situations as an excuse, as a victim of circumstance.  How often do we tell ourselves, Iif this didn’t happen, I would have achieved my goal.”  It is up to us to lovingly stand up for ourselves, to acknowledge our imperfections and just move that dial forward.

Our strength is in our minds.

Our emotions rule our behavior.

Our choices ARE our lives.

What changes will I make today?  How can I move forward even when I feel stuck?  It’s that gift you can give yourself daily.  The gift of self love.  Why should I change?  Because that promise of love I make to myself is the key to happiness.  When am I the happiest?  

When I’m serving.

When I’m making a difference.

When I’m smiling and bringing light into the world.


This is why we stand up and make that promise to change.  Change isn’t safe.  We will fall down along the way.  That’s the journey.   It’s the road to joy.   

Let us know in the comments below when YOU are the happiest! Have you made changes that have served your greater good?   Share below what’s going well in YOUR life.   Let’s share in change together!


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