Why steel yourself against failure?

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Failure is our greatest teacher.

Why do we always need to steel ourselves against failure?  It seems that we as a culture have eschewed failure, as if it’s the worst thing that can happen.  I actually believe it’s the best.  The gift of failure is a lesson.  I had to learn this early on.   In my development as a classical musician, failure was the only way I could learn the instrument.  How CAN you learn without failure?  We have no experience, we have no trust in the process without failure.


We all see successes without the work.

Social media and reality TV stars have allowed us to believe that overnight success is “luck.”  All we have to do is be in the right place at the right time.  But in actuality, success is a series of failures.  Owning our mistakes is how improvement happens.  By acknowledging what went wrong, analyzing how and why it happened, allows us to pick up and try again.  Did you make a mistake and feel embarrassed today?  I had a band director in high school that always said “Strong and wrong.”  Do it then fix it.  

Don’t steel yourself against failure.  Own it.  Question it.  Pick yourself up and try again.  That’s another step forward.  So go FAIL today.  It will lead to SUCCESS tomorrow.  Make it a beautiful day!

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