Will it “come back to bite you”?

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Whenever I think of the word bite, I think of the saying “come back to bite you.”  Isn’t that pretty much everything?  It also comes back to the saying “nothing in life is free” or “karma’s a b***h.” Of course, all these sayings are in the negative but this goes for the positive too.

Every action has a reaction.   We look at others and ask “How did they do that?”  Or “How did they get away with that?”  The truth is we don’t know.  I can only be responsible for myself– no one else.   I don’t see the daily work of others.   It’s funny.   We all know someone who “sneaks.”  It really is true when it comes to your food; what you put into your body only belongs to you, even if no one else sees you.   Yet, we trick ourselves into thinking it won’t matter or we don’t really care.  But when things go wrong, we care.  “It comes back to bite you.”

Our poor behaviors have consequences.   Maybe not right away, but endure it long enough and it will show up.  Realizing this can change everything.  It can allow us to be just a little bit better today than yesterday.  And this creates our steady progress.   Now take a bite out of THAT.  And we get better every day.   What can you improve upon today?   Post in the comments below what you want to work on to make today better than yesterday…..

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