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When I was a kid I loved shadows.  I would play with mine and imagine all sorts of things.   In the evenings I grew very tall.   I could show up and tower over everyone else.  “How did you get so tall, Mary?”  Or I could watch it disappear in the noon sun, being the squatty carnival mirror then into nothing.  I loved running with my shadow, riding my bike– I always felt I had a story for my shadow.

So what happens to our imaginations when we grow up?  Why is it that we all forget how to play?  I know some really cool young people still in their 20s that still play.  I remember being silly, playing with my younger cousins in my 20s, by making up imaginative games.   But somehow it trickled away.

So finding ways to be playful amidst our daily struggles brings joy into our day and also contributes to our health and longevity.  Children, grandchildren, neighbor children, nieces, nephews– these our our guides.    Children remind us that we once saw the world in a different way.

Look for joy today.  What can you do that’s playful and fun?  What’s ONE thing you can do to lighten the load?  Today I will pick some flowers and enjoy their beauty.   Perhaps I will ride my bike and enjoy the shadow riding next to me.  Find a playful gift to yourself or to someone you love.  Play with your shadow!  Find your moment of childhood spirit and see your inner spirit soar.   Make it a beautiful day by being simple and playful.  

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