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In this mini-course, learn five easy tips to stay healthy on vacation. It can be hard to stay on track while on a trip, but these tips are super easy AND will keep you feeling fine!

In this course you will:

  • Add some easy tricks to your vacation planning to continue a healthy lifestyle
  • Realize that indulgence can be only one part of having fun
  • Incorporate water into your daily activities
  • Look for some great veg options so that you will feel great while away

It’s really easy to forget that your body wants to stay healthy all the time– even when you are on a vacation!  Here are some great tips so you don’t feel guilty when you get back home!

Meet Mary-- Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach

I want to welcome you to Life in Harmony, a comprehensive wellness website that is full of resources I have gathered to help support you and allow you to educate yourself and create your best life ever!  

This course is really close to my heart.   We all love to get out and see new places and relax and recharge.   Too often we come back from vacation with our clothes not fitting and a lot of guilt, instead of feeling light and energized.   So I created this mini-course on how to feel great while on vacation, so you can enjoy yourself without the guilt!

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