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Join me in this short course on Hydrating Your Body.   You will learn why water is the best beverage for your body and some great ways to ease into drinking more water.  In this video you can expect to:
  • Find out the optimal amount of water you should be drinking each day
  • Discover ten ways water enhances your health
  • Identify what structured water is and how it works in the body
  • Explain why sports drinks are not the optimal drink for our bodies
  • Name some great ways to improve the taste of water and make it fun to drink
Let’s learn together about the value of water and I hope to inspire you to drink more water every day.We have a community forum on “Hydrating Your Body.”  Join us there to share your inspiration on how you drink water or to get support from our members on helping you achieve your goals!

Meet Mary - Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach

I want to welcome you to Life in Harmony, a comprehensive wellness website that is full of resources I have gathered to help support you and allow you to educate yourself and create your best life ever!

This course gives you all the information you could ever need to fully educate yourselves on the benefits of water.  It is the fastest way to jump start your health and you will feel so much better really quickly.  I hope you enjoy this 7 minute informative course on water and health!

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