The Perfect Day

Are you ready to lose weight and feel great, naturally, for the rest of your life?
Easy, loving gentle steps will bring you into a new, permanent lifestyle
that you will love.
Don't ignore your health any longer.
Start mastering your health today. Welcome to The Perfect Day.

Are you starting your day tired and stressed?

The Perfect Day brings you back into balance and restores your energy. Fast.

You know you aren't eating right, but you don't know what to do about it.

Here is a simple, easy plan that will deliver amazing results. Personalized care from real people.

When is the last time you felt like you had a Perfect Day?

This easy-to-follow plan in ten simple steps teaches you to love healthy foods and to enjoy a more productive life.



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Water is the first key to brain health.

Making water a habit is so easy with The Perfect Day. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel. 

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The road to health never looked so clear.

This plan is not a “quick fix”, but you will feel better very quickly.  Finally, here is the lifestyle plan that will fit into your routine.

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Change will last when you have help.

Your mood affects your mind. Happy creates healthy.  Find your support here.   We are committed to you. Your health coach is here to guide you.

The Right Choices
Are Easy To Make

The Perfect Day can be part of your new life.   
It is easy to get started and easy to commit to lifelong success.

Learn easy long term strategies for lifelong health

Personal guidance provided by Mary to keep you on track


Social group to have your questions answered and provide a place to share and grow together


Healthy. Strong. Energized.

Small Changes

This plan is all about gentle, loving, baby steps. It's all about making changes one step at a time. This fits into your life right here, right now.

Enjoy your life

Find plenty of emotional support and care at Life in Harmony. Learn how to commit long term to changes you see in the mirror and feel in your heart.

No boot camps here

This new lifestyle is all about loving the skin you're in. We teach positive changes that you can easily adapt to.

Lighten the Load

Learn how to properly care for yourself and you will feel better, look younger and have energy for days! Your body wants to heal.

Lose the weight

Ready to finally drop the pounds? You will succeed here. Master your health once and for all. Never be overweight again.

Personalized Service

I had help every step of the way, and you should too. We are here to answer your questions and motivate you! No bots. Just real people delivering real results.


What People Are Saying

I completed the Perfect Day program from start to finish and I went all in. I became so much more aware of what my body needed. I felt like all my senses were heightened. I'm grateful to have been part of this journey. Thank you Mary!

Francine M.

I just dropped below 200 lbs for the first time in years. I am making great progress and I want to thank you for being you and leading by example. Thanks Mary!

Kevin L.

I have learned to love my body and treat it to nutritious food. I feel so much better, think clearer, and I sleep like a baby!

Maria N.

Watch this inspiring testimonial from Ruth!
The Perfect Day changes lives. Check out how Ruth's life has improved since she has taken on The Perfect Day Lifestyle.

The Perfect Day Program

$397 $ 297
  • 10 simple steps to a new lifestyle that lasts a lifetime​
  • Each step is in an easy to follow video format​
  • Downloadable PDF that explains what you need to make success inevitable
  • Shopping list and product recommendations to support you
  • All your questions answered by Mary—your own personal health coach
  • Love and support in our dedicated group
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Get the hang of eating powerful foods
  • Fruits and vegetables become a painless part of your life
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Here's what most people want to know?

Yes it is truly easy to learn.   It is set up in ten easy steps that you will master and feel good about.   Everything is self-paced so it is easy to get started today.

The whole idea with this plan is that you start where you are.   The first two steps are all about water, so it is really easy to get started and to use what you already have in the kitchen.  As you improve your diet and you feel great, you may want to invest in more tools that will fit the new you!  But it is not required.

Absolutely!   It is easy to lose the weight and feel great, but that is not the sole purpose here.   This is a plan that will help you to find optimal health and to create a lifelong love of wellness.

I do ask for one extra item for you to purchase on this plan and that is a detox tea supplement that will detoxify the colon and liver and will help you feel great!  But other than that singular item, there are no extra or hidden costs on this plan.


This plan literally starts where you are.   It begins with slow and incremental changes to your existing diet, so no long lists or complicated starts.   By the time you reach the last step of the plan, Step 10, you will be eating whole foods, plant based and mostly raw.   This is an incredibly healing diet, and after following the plan, you will have fully integrated the nutrition, recipes and the overall wellness plan into your life.

This is the best part of the plan!  You will have full access to a closed group that is dedicated to you!  Mary is here to answer all your questions and give you the guidance and support you need to be successful.  You will meet others in the group and learn so much about yourself and what you need for success to be inevitable!

Get Started Today

We have it all here for you.   Welcome to the new, more powerful, more vibrant you!  Let’s get started– together!


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