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Hi, I'm Mary!

Hi there! I’m Mary. After encountering some health setbacks in my family, I decided to get an education in how to take my health back into my own hands. I am a certified health and lifestyle coach and I built this community with you in mind. I want to bring to you a community where we can learn, share and grow together. It is so easy when you have people with you to love and support you. I have found a beautiful life where my family and I are thriving. I can’t wait to share it with you!

What is Life in Harmony?


Online Learning

Life in Harmony knows that knowledge is the beginning of understanding how to make healthy lifestyle changes. We have a variety of courses to help inform you and guide you on your health journey. Whether you want to learn about the benefits of drinking more water or understanding how to reverse diabetes, we have you covered. Click the link to see the list of courses we currently have up on the site.


Fun Social Features!

At Life in Harmony, we have multiple ways to interact with people who are also embarking on a new health journey. Our forums provide specific topics so that you can find friends who are asking and answering similar questions that you may be having. Search the forums for yourself or start your own. We believe helping one another out is a vital key to success.


Delicious Recipes!

One of the most exciting things about changing your diet is trying out new recipes. Our library of recipes have been tried and tested by adults and children and have received everyone’s stamp of approval. We won’t recommend a dish that isn’t both delicious as well as super healthy for you. Check out the variety of recipes we have including some delicious desserts!

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Great Times With Wonderful Clients


Online Community

Having support through your health journey is so necessary. Life in Harmony wants to be that support for you. We have created a unique online community where each of us can share our successes and our setbacks. We also have fun ways to interact and even compete a little with your online friends. Check out how you can start earning badges and win some free gifts along the way!



Be inspired and come together around the insight my guests have to share with you.
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Pillars of Life in Harmony



What you choose to eat either restores the body or breaks down the body. It is important to educate yourself to make the best decision for your health.



Your support structure and the people you surround yourself with dictate your success.



Getting out into the world and participating in the world and taking charge of your life is a big contributor to your health.



The thoughts you create make you what you are today. Learning to understand and control the nature of your thoughts and emotions restores your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Life in Harmony is set up to create relationships.   That’s very important to our health and well being.   You can find others who have similar challenges or make friends with those who can support you because of the changes they have already made in their lives.  Everyone is welcome here.   It’s how we grow.
When you join Life in Harmony you will have access to many different video courses.   Most of them are free with membership, because educating ourselves is the best way to take our health in our own hands.   There are opportunities for premium courses in Life in Harmony that create lifestyle changes for you that move beyond just education.   It is also all about creating change that lasts and we have courses that guide you specifically through that series of changes to create health and longevity in your life.  
I have been trained as a health and wellness coach.   I currently hold two certificates from the Health Coach Institute that gave me the education to teach habit change and help people create new behaviors that last.  I am a master trainer with the International Training Institute of Health, where I hold three certifications as a whole life coach. My internship with ITIOH is based in functional medicine, so I address the needs of the mind and the body together, to allow people to understand their emotions and their physical bodies together as one. We make decisions based on emotion and my trainings help guide people to make better choices by embracing our thoughts and our belief systems.   We are all beautiful, whole people, with emotional needs and physical needs. At Life in Harmony, I address all parts of us, and I am here to support you just how you are today.  That’s where change begins – where we are today.   


Listen to the testimonies of people just like you who have made changes and have started the path towards healing their bodies.


Find all of the resources Mary has used to help her along her way.

Even More Benefits!



Insightful articles written to teach, inspire, and encourage you on your journey.


Engage with the community and earn your way to prizes like free resources!



Like what you’ve learned so far? Curious about what Life in Harmony can do for you? Right now you can sign-up for a 7 day free trial. There’s no risk and so much to gain! Click here to sign up today!


Life In Harmony is a wellness training website focused on physical and mental health.

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