Roasted and Spiced Carrots

This is an absolutely beautiful dish that you can dress up in so many different ways.  Black beluga lentils sound exotic but are so rich and flavorful.   They also make a beautiful addition to this dish.   Pumpkin seeds and sprouts give it a wow factor for guests or just to dress up a weekday meal.  Please note that this recipe calls for lentils and rice that have already been prepared.   I like to make my beans, lentils and grains in advance so that I have them on hand for weeknight recipes when things can be hectic.   Don’t let it deter you from trying the recipe.   I have included links for cooking the wild rice and the lentils.   It is very easy and worth the time to have on hand.This recipe was adapted from and the original author of the recipe is Sami Berger.  Enjoy!

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