Here are some of my favorite recipes.   These are inspired by my family and friends and they are all dishes that I make at home and share with my clients.   You will find some delicious and heartwarming recipes here for everyone in your life.

Blender Drinks

Strawberry breakfast smoothie

This one intrigued me because of the easy frozen fruit we can all find in the local grocer frozen section. So fun and delicious. This is your new breakfast.

Blender Drinks

Citrus Breeze Green Smoothie

This is a great opportunity for people who have a diagnosis or who are wishing to avoid cancer. Delicious and nutritious are waiting for you here. Courtesy of

Blender Drinks

Coffee-Banana Smoothie

My aunt sent me this recipe. It is really good– different and filling. This recipe came from and yes, it’s great after a morning workout. You’ll be feeling great!

Blender Drinks

Cherry Green Blender Drink

Super, super easy blender drink recipe that is sweet and satisfying. This is another blender drink that is great for kids. This is a great recipe to add a scoop

Blender Drinks

Chia Green Smoothie

Want to have a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack? This is a great drink to refresh you. Recipe courtesy of

Blender Drinks

Pina Colada Shake

Here is a great tropical flair to your  blender drink repertoire.  If you enjoy coconut, then this recipe is for you!   Just make sure that you use unsweetened coconut flakes,

Blender Drinks

Spinach, kiwi and chia seed shake

This one just bursts with springtime to me.   It is very refreshing and a great way to start your day.  So green, pretty and healthy.  Serves one.

Blender Drinks

Thin Mint Shake

This is a really fun shake that takes the place of less healthy snacks– like thin mint cookies perhaps?  Vegan chocolate protein powder plus peppermint essential oil equals excellent.   I

Blender Drinks

Green Morning Smoothie

For those of you who are following the perfect day– this is a great start to your mid-morning intermittent fasting eating window.   This is one of my all time favorites,

Blender Drinks

Kat’s Healthy Hot Chocolate

Here is a great recipe where you can make hot chocolate in your high speed blender.   This is compliments of my daughter Katherine who like most children enjoy treats and

Blender Drinks

Detox Smoothie

I decided to find some unusual smoothie recipes.   My kids have been saying “these all taste the same.”   So I have been surfing around, looking for something new.   I think

Blender Drinks

Berry Banana Smoothie

This is a great smoothie for adults and kids alike.   It is super easy to make and you can add a scoop of plant based protein powder for even more

Blender Drinks

Banana-Berry Blitz

This is a beautiful, elegant breakfast choice, fitting for entertaining or easy enough for a quick breakfast on the go.  You can always make the creme ingredients ahead and then

Blender Drinks

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This is the ultimate black forest smoothie.   This also works great for kids, especially when you are concealing greens!!! It is a great way to teach kids that green tastes

Blender Drinks

Tropical Green Smoothie

Here is a great way for kids to get their greens.  It is sweet and delicious and packed with nutrition.   If you are diabetic, please note that this is a

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